27 July 2016

7 Tips for Healthy Joints & Bones for Every Fitness Level

   Joint & bone care is so important, especially if you live an active lifestyle! It's just as important as the training you do & the food you eat to look after your body. It isn't until you have an injury yourself, that you really put this into perspective. Last year I pulled something in my back, simply by picking up a barbell without thinking & taking all the strain with my back. At the time I just thought that oops - that was bad form! But a week later, my back was in BITS! It took a couple of months to properly repair itself, meanwhile I was so limited to the exercise that I could do. Not only did this effect my training & progress, but it scared me. If we don't care for our bones & joints now while we are fit & healthy, then we are condemning them later on in life. And this goes for everyone, even if you are super fit. In fact the super fit more so - HIIT training & things such as running on the road can have quite a strong impact on our bodies, so it's important for us all to know how to stay strong & healthy.
Ingredients to Look Out For
Keep an eye out for these specific ingredients in food, supplements & even down the seasonings isle.
Used in the continual renewal of cartilage & other body tissues.
It's anti-inflammatory properties can be used to reduce pain, stiffness  immobility. It also has significant antioxidant properties. Most of it's goodness is found in it's skin, so don't waste it!
A tropical fruit containing polyphenols, which reduce inflammatory, have anti-microbial, anti-carcinogenic & anti-oxidant properties.
Contributes to the maintenance of normal connective tissues.
Contains anti inflammatory compounds, with similar benefits to ginger.
Foods & Supplements for Healthy Joints & Bones
Containing liquid marine collagen - a major constituent of connective tissues such as skin, tendons, cartilage & bones - Glucosamine, ginger, lychee, copper & vitamin C. This supplement ticks all the nutritional boxes of which your joints & bones need! As well as keeping them healthy, this daily shot helps to increase flexibility & mobility, by relieving any inflammation & stiffness, whilst increasing the strength of the bones, ligaments & tendons. 
2. Omega 3
Oily fish such as salmon, cod liver oil & omega 3 capsules
Contains fatty acids, that relieve inflammation & stiffness in joints by suppressing the production of enzymes that erode cartridge & proteins that regulate inflammation.
3. Vitamin D
Oily fish, yogurt & vitamin D tablets
Helps the body to absorb & process calcium, for strong bones. Our bodies naturally get vitamin D from the sun, however certain skin types need more than others, whilst others are easily damaged by the sun, plus in cloudier climates, you can't rely on the sun!
4. Calcium
Milk, cheese & yogurt
Interestingly enough, lower fat dairy products normally contain more calcium! Soya, rice & oat milks are also calcium rich, as are fish that are eaten with the bones in (such as sardines). Calcium contributes to strong & healthy bones, as well as helping to prevent osteoporosis. Calcium is also used for muscle contraction, so if you lift, that's useful to know!
5. Iron
Red meat, pulses, dark green vegetables (spinach!) & oily fish
It has been recommended not to take iron supplements without consulting with a doctor, but instead to get your daily iron naturally. Iron will help to prevent anaemia & extreme fatigue. People who exercise vigorously may also need up to 30% more! So get eating your spinach!
6. Lean Protein
Chicken, turkey, pulses & fish
Protein is key for building healthy, strong connective tissues, especially if you are active. Keeping your muscles strong & healthy will enable them to take the pressure off your bones & joints.
7. Vitamin C
Citrus fruit, juices, vegetables & vitamin C tablets
Vitamin C primarily is an antioxidant, but it can also maintain healthy connective tissues. It is needed to make collagen, to strengthen the body, including it's muscles & blood vessels & plays an important role in healing wounds.
It's effectiveness: It's hard to access how effective it is, however reading into the product further & it's core ingredients, I am confident it can deliver what it promises. If anything, it is providing my body with the essential nutrients it need, so I can trust in that on the short term. In the long term however, I am hoping it strengthens my joints & bones, to support my active lifestyle.
It's taste: 5/5 When I read all the ingredients I was a little worried it was going to taste like fist oil or have a nasty texture. Neither were true, it has a sweet cherry flavour to it & the texture is the same as any other drink.
It's ease: 5/5 1 shot a day is required & is packed with tones of nutrients, the shots are small & discreet to take out with you, making it far easier to consume once a day than about 5 vitamin tablets.
A Recipe for Joints & Bones
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