1 April 2013

Just Couldn't Help It - Another Update!!! LOOKBOOK THE SERIES

   Ok, so I know blogging too much can be a bit OTT for readers, but I just couldn't resist, after getting an email from Lookbook telling me they now have A SERIES OUT!!!! Is anyone else as excited as I am right now?!? So my plans for tonight has been changed, as I now settle down to watch the very first episode, eeeeeeek. 
    The general story line of this new fashion infused series is inspired by none other than us!! Fashion savy bloggers. It focuses around the lives of two individuals, a fashion blogger, Hannah, and her photographer, and how their relationship develops with time, in the setting of sunny L.A. So, why was it created? “We simply wanted to create something fun for our fans and our community which we thought they’d enjoy. Over the past 4 years we’ve seen an incredibly enthusiastic community of the most talented fashion bloggers emerge on our website. It’s been fascinating to observe, and although the story is dramatized fiction, it’s nonetheless inspired by characters we’ve seen and stories we’ve heard.” ­­Huan Nguyen, Head of Brand Partnerships.
   To find out more, or to watch the very first episode please go to http://lookbook.nu/tv/3-Episode-1-Look-Closer#

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