14 October 2012

Alexandra Nataf Does Fashion Week

   In the spirit of all things fashion week, I would like to share with you this great street fashion photographer I came across the other day. Alexandra Nataf recently covered the street fashion during Paris Fashion Week, capturing the style in a more abstract and dramatic way to most photographers, which encourages the viewer to focus on the details of the outfits, as well as making a very well composed piece of art. As a general trend on the streets of Paris, Celine was the label to wear, and structures bottoms combined with oversized jumpers were the key staples this season. Sub-trends included pure minimalism, the elegance of Valentino's pieces and Balenciaga's space slogan jumpers. But thats enough from me, why not take a look at Nataf's work yourself!
The gorgeous striped chiffon dress above, well I SO ALMOST brought this for my freshers ball!!!! I may just have to go back & buy it now. The fabric and dynamic movement in the pleats was just sumptuous. 
Would you like to see more from Nataf? Then why not check out more work here http://www.alexandranataf.com/


  1. I'm totally in love with the black and white dress as well would love it for a spring wedding I am attending. You said you'd love to buy it could you give some more details of it

    1. It's beautiful isn't it? And it was from a store a year back now called Sisley, so you may be able to find it online somewhere. If not, Zara has a great range of striped dresses this season, although not full length chiffon ones I'm afraid. xx