8 July 2012

The Harbour of Kos

   So for the past week I have been soaking up the sun's rays in the beautifully sunny Kos. However I am now back in England, and it SUCKS. I don't need to tell you all that the weather here is (excuse my French) pretty damn shitty, so its no surprise that I am already looking into flights back to Kos or elsewhere that is equally as warm. And one of the best parts was that I actually tanned slightly!!!! Being so pale skinned & ginger, this is a rare occurrence, but Greece miraculously did this. Anyway, before I post up all my nice sun kissed photos from the Island, here are just a few of my first outfit from the first day there - enjoy! And remember to find me on Lookbook!
Hat - H&M - £7
Sunglasses - Vintage - Mothers Wardrobe
Red Lace Crop Top - Vintage - From my childhood wardrobe
Floral Skirt - International - £5
Drawstring Bag - Peacocks - £14
White & Mint Shoes - Originally New Look - £10 - BUT DIY'd (painted the heels mint with wall paint!)
Bracelets - Range from Dorothy Perkins, Topshop & Accessorize


  1. You and the scenery look lovely! I love your hat, it really suits you!

  2. i hope to have a great time at my country!
    our sun is really miraculous!!!
    great outfit!