13 July 2012

Going Greek

   I could either talk about my trip to Kos or I could show you, and as a pictures worth one hundred words . . . Then enjoy my photo diary!!
The pool at Hotel Elga, Kardamena.
Hat - £7 H&M
Sunglasses - Vintage (Grans wardrobe)
Lace red crop top - Vintage (from when I was a child)
Floral Skirt - £5 International
White Heels - £10 originally from New Look, but a bit of DIY later (using house paint) & they now have mint heels
Bracelets & Rings - Selection from Topshop, Dorothy Perkins & Accessorize
And introducing who I went on holiday with - Ruth & Hazel
Crisp blue waters - crisp being the main word! It was freezing (or I'm just a wimp!)
And in the distance you can see the volcanic island that is Nisyros - yes I did my research on Kos before I went - including the geographical & historical.
And they had NEW flavours of Capri-Sun over there :o
Kaftan - from nan's wardrobe again! Vintage ;)
Top - £3 M&S
Shorts - £22 Topshop
Dress - £22 H&M
Yet another new addition ...
A trip on a pedaloe ...
Sunglasses - £5 New Look
Bikini - (top) £8 (bottoms) £5 F&F
I got kicked off of pedal duty after the others realised I only offered to pedal the pedaloe as a sneaky way to burn off extra calories ;) mwhahaha - so I went for a sunbathe!
Awwwwwww - almost matching bikinis!!
Our new friend - an incredibly tame magpie . . .
Bikini Top - £16 Topshop
Floral trousers - £12 F&F
Patterned short shorts - £10 River Island
Swimming Costume - £15 H&M
Skirt - £5 Topshop
Black Tasselled Dress - £15 River Island
Got a FREE strawberry that night - yay!!!
The new addition to our Greek venture - Ste
Love, love, LOVE the pattern clash Hazel came up with here - flamingo bikini & pineapple jacket - Oh so tropical!
Trying our hand at cocktail mixing - think I was a born natural :/ BUT seriously if you are going to Kardamena in Kos, you MUST visit The Kings Arms, its by far the best & friendliest bar - you can mix your own drinks & dance on the bar! Also say hi to Ste & Tommy from us if you do go there!
The sunset on the last day - very symbolic, very emotional!


  1. Great style!!! Like how you've added a touch of vintage to your hol x

  2. Anonymous13/7/12 16:33

    Nice bum ;)

  3. Looks like it was so much fun! Thanks for sharing


  4. the pictures are awesome!