9 April 2012

My Photographic Inspiration

So for my current design project, I am looking at methods of illusion and how they can be used within fashion design to create the illusion of a more flattering and dynamic silhouette. For part of my research I will be looking at how the use of prints can help - looking specifically at digital photo prints, 60's Op Art prints and 20's inspired cubism prints. I have already started looking at designers that also use print in their work and have found people like Holy Fulton or Mary Katrantzou have previously looked towards architecture for print inspiration. So up in London last week, I thought I could take some initial photos of it's buildings for inspiration too - I especially think that redrawing the photos in the style of Cubism to create a print, will work very well. However these photos are just a sneek peek of the ones I took, to see them all please go to my dressmaking blog http://thesecretsofadressmaker.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/lines-curves-of-london-skyline.html


  1. Anonymous14/4/12 23:49

    I was also thinking of the historic Flatiron building in NYC when I looked at some of these photos.... lovely blog! Nice to see your ideas unfold...


    1. Ooh great idea, shall look at that building! And thanks for the comment on my work :) x