29 March 2012

Styling Out Of Control - A New Visionary

A stylist is rather like the glue of the fashion industry - they come along and sprinkle the finishing touches of magic to editorials photoshoots, adverts and red carpets amongst many other places. What I am trying to say is what would the fashion industry be without them? For example would Tom Ford's business be quite the same success without stylist Carine behind the scenes, presenting his final pieces in the most aesthetic ways possible. This importance has been highlighted in "Stylist : New Fashion Visionaries" by Katie Baron. This book is crammed full of the most dynamic and adventurous editorials, ad campaigns, runway shows and interviews in the last few years, showcasing the powerful talents of the styling industry. This book is vital for anyone looking to really push the bar in the fashion industry - with all its rich imagery, it really is a treasure trove of inspiration, featuring styling by Melanie Ward, Robbie Spencer, Anna Dello Russo and Jacob K, among others. So what I am saying is beg, borrow or (probably not) steal, as this is a fashion book that MUST be read.

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