30 March 2012

Mario Sorrenti Shoots for Vogue March 2012

I have realised recently that I should really be a magpie, as I am extremely attracted to and dangerously distracted by anything that sparkles or shines. But this editorial made me realise that it is not just all that glitters that makes me stop on stare, bold, rich and bright colours also have the same effect on me. So its no surprise really that I decided I just HAD to blog about this editorial. Shot by Mario Sorrenti for US Vogue's March 2012 issue, the editorial features Karlie Kloss (styled by Grace Coddington) in a range of rich, figure hugging garments, set against a splash of vibrancy. The outfits each have a vintage twist to the modern garments, with the 1940's practical cuts (originally used to spare fabric throughout rationing in WW2) and the accessorising of the late 40's early 50's turbans. I can also HINT now, that (revealed to me at an LCF talk on the AW12 collections) deep colours such as plumb and neutrals will be a big story come AW12.

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