30 August 2011

Could this be a Tennis Champ turned Style Icon ?

Caroline Wozniacki has recently triumphed both on the court and the red carpet. Her style oozes the glamour of a strong and independent women, with an underlying of femininity. But its not just at suave events that she wins style points. She has now convinced me to keep more up to date with the tennis, just so I can see what cute sports wear she's wearing today, be it a white pleated skirt or a dress with a frilled neckline. So my question is, is Caroline soon going to become a new style icon? Well I sure know I'm prepared for the next time a sporting trend comes along!


  1. Looks like she's headed in that direction. I think she would be great. Guess we have to stay tuned.


    SassyUptownChic xoxo

  2. Amazing post! Great pictures:) She's one to keep an eye on!

    Love your blog:) Now following!