8 April 2011

My Wish List . . . Anyone fancy buying me an Easter pressie ?

Schutz Net-a-Porter
Alexander McQueen
Kelly Bergin
Forever 21

Elizabeth and James
Alexander McQueen


  1. I love the first pair of shies and the floral ones.So cute :)

  2. The Schutz pumps are amazing.

  3. Anonymous9/4/11 09:20

    ur blog has a lot of meaning to me because other than relying on ur good looks and taking pics of urself in nice dresses u also blog about items that are trending or that u wish to own. those floral pumps and backless dress inspire me and they go great together like adding a kick to a simple LBD. when u focus ur blog towards examining outfits and not just narcisstic pics of urself (like other blogs) does that effect u negatively in terms of followers?

  4. Thanks for you commets! and thanks Rivly, In responce, I dont feel that effects my numbers of followers at all, as i believe the more you put into your blog, and the more you premote it, the more people will look at it and discover it :) I would like to put more of my own work in it ythough, for example my own designs and garments ive made, as well as my fashion photography, although I havent really got around to it yet. But personally i think my bloggers would prefer to see the clothes rather than me posing in them, as i have no interesting locations to be worthy of the clothes! x