10 April 2011

Mimco AW11

Although the summer's sun may of only just reached us (in the UK anyway), fashion is yet again a season ahead, and although I have only been wearing my SS wardrobe for a few weeks, I am already excited for what AW11 may have in hold for us. Clear PVC has been carried forward from SS11, after it's use in shoes and tops. I have always wondered what a PVC trench would look like-and was toying with the idea to make my own, however I now needn't wonder. I have also been playing around with PVC lately, making a few garments using the interesting material-keep checking as I will post the photoshoot of my work soon! I also especially love the under wear as outerwear trend coming back, the sheer tops, with lace panels are so cute!especially with the knitted shorts!

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