26 March 2016

Healthy Treat - High Protein Dark Chocolate Easter Nest Cake

   During this holiday of chocolatey temptations and indulgence, how do you stay on track with all your training goals? Personally, a controlled cheat snack keeps my cravings at bay, but in case you are in need of something a little extra, here's my Easter gift to you - my recipe for a high protein, nutritional Easter nest cake!
   You will need:
   Optional extras could include dates, dried berries, black beans, nuts, honey - think natural goodness...
   Why my chosen ingredients? There is a reason for each... 
  • Primarily 90% Dark Chocolate - Lower in sugars & helps to thin the blood, to avoid clots & heart attacks. 
  • Raisins/dried fruit - One of your five a day & a natural sweetener, acts as a good substitute for chocolate or unnatural ingredients, to bulk the cake. 
  • Cashews/nuts - Packed full of nutritional oils & good fats & creates an interesting crunchy texture. 
  • Shreddies - High in fibre, vitamins & iron. 
  • AND my special ingredient MaxiNutition's Chocolate Lean Protien - To make the snack an excellent pre/post gym treat & add a yummy chocolate flavour, also high in Vitiman B (energy), contains green tea & is fat free.
 Step 1. Crush & melt the dark chocolate... try not to eat too much or you'll run out!
 Step 2. Chuck in your shreddies, fruit, nuts & Maxi Nutrition Lean Chocolate Protein & give it a good stir.
 Step 3. Place in a dish, add a few Mini Eggs (it is Easter after all) & put in the fridge overnight.
 And tuck in! Let me know what you think & what other ingredients you experimented with. I will be splitting this treat up for pre gym snacks during the weekend to keep me motivated, with the help of my Maxi Nutrition Lean Chocolate Protein (available at http://shop.maxinutrition.com/maxinutrition/lean-definition/lean-1000 ) giving me the boost I need