3 October 2014

Sushi, Pugs & Hand Weaving - My Instaweeks

From a gift from my man to a romantic getaway, starting back for the third & final year of university, to creating my own fabric; here is my last couple of busy weeks in pictures. Click them to discover more!
Iridescent Sports Top - Topshop
Jersey Trousers with Gold Zip Detailing - New Look
Scallop Hem Salmon Crop Top - Topshop
Purple Floral Trousers - Dorothy Perkins
My hand woven fabric above. This small A5 sample took over 4hours of weaving & splitting the wool to create an amazingly fluffy material with extreme warmth & volume to it. Keep an eye out for more of my work soon!
For more of my looks, please check out my Lookbook http://lookbook.nu/dressmeimurmannequin

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