10 September 2013

Competition - Want Your Chance To Show At London Fashion Week?

   So New York Fashion Week is well underway, and I am already prepping for London's. Recently I have begun marveling at all the different companies that help launch young designers, as I have more and more invites from their showcases pouring in. One of the companies include FAD - a creative charity that helps to launch new designers into the industry, as well as running fashion courses for younger hopefuls and giving back to the community. 
   This season at LFW, I will be attending FAD's fashion show, which will showcase 20 young graduates, followed by an after show reception. 
Want this to be you showing at LFW?
   Well this could be your chance to win £1000 plus the chance to showcase your work to press and industry professionals. If you are a 2nd/3rd year BA or MA student studying fashion, all you have to do is design a collection of two outfits under the heading of Multisensory, by the 20th November 2013. 
To find out more about the brief and how to enter the competition, please go to 
And finally, here is a little video from last season's FAD show, behind the scenes and talking to the successful designers.


  1. I think it's such a great thing to help young designers find their star-light! How awesome :)



    1. It''s great isn't it!? Gives me hope for the future too! :) xx

  2. They sound great! I love that there are companies looking out for young designers and helping them out!

    1. It's great isn't it?! Gives me hope for after uni ;) xx