28 August 2013

Photo Diary : The Mallorca Sting

   Sorry for the lack of blogging recently! It's been a busy month, what with me turning 20 (wooooooo), keeping up with work and still finding a little bit of time for a quick vacay. This time I was off to Spanish island of Mallorca, where the August weather promised me plenty of sunshine! And before the holiday had even started, we found the cutest bar at Gatwick airport, right next to Costa, which promised a stunning night time view of the runway (unlike Costa), so this I had to share! Unfortunately I didn't get a better photo of the view or quirky lighting though.
   Now to explain the name of this photo diary. While away, I was unaware what the warm waters brought with it this time of year. So there I was, frolicking around in the turquoise waters when I felt the most painful of shocks on my back!!! In my shock I quickly moved and felt another on my arm. Feeling like an electric shock had just run through my body, I turned to see the source of the pain was nothing more than a jelly fish that couldn't have been more than 10cm! This really is a case of size doesn't matter! The tiny little blighter left me stinging for a couple of hours after, definitely something I wouldn't recommend getting on the wrong side of! 
    Other than this the holiday was a great break, even if I am still as pale as it gets!!! What do you expect, I'm ginger!
   Other than being able to relax on beautiful beaches, cool down in the hotel's pool and explore beach-side restaurants in the day, the nights in Mallorca also offered lots of highlights including Tim Westwood, Fat Man Scoop and Basshunter playing in some of the clubs. Although I think the DJ set I enjoyed the most was Calvin Harris; the energy in the room was just so exhilarating, especially when you factor in the extreme bass, which dropped with smoke and strobes and the backing dancers (of which I seemed more interested in their costumes than anything - but what can I say, I'm a designer!!!). Lets just say, when BCM does something, it's always big!
And, on the last day, while shopping, I even found belly dancing outfits to buy!!! Love it!


  1. Great pics! Looks like you had a wonderful time despite the jellyfish!

    1. It was so good - especially being able to relax in such nice weather :) xx

  2. awesome pictures! I especially like the gif of you and your man :)

    1. Aww thanks, I love using gif's to spice up a blog post :p xx

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    1. Aww thanks, I do like using both blogging networks. I'll be sure to check out your message too :) xx