28 March 2013

Look What I Just Found... A Snippet of My Lifestyle

   Just sorting out a few of my files on my computer and stumbled across some of my work from about a year ago. I also realised that I don't post enough of my own work onto my blog and there is so much of my previous stuff I wish to share, but haven't. This needs to change!!! So here's a little peek into my world, and what I spend about 90% of my time doing! This was for my final major project, for my Foundation Design course last year. I was designing to enhance the female contours, empowering with strong, flattering prints. So here are my (rough) final designs.
 And a couple of prints that I designed and used in my garments, as well as a few others.
 Now here is where I think the magic begins; here is me pattern cutting from scratch, toiling my designs, doing fittings etc, etc...
And a few photos, seeing me, in the studio, working. Here I am fitting my printed lining (yes that's right, I hand printed both the outer and lining fabrics for my tailored-to-fit pieces) to one of my models.
    So I hope you liked a peek into my world! And I promise to share with you, a little more often, a peek into my world and my beloved work!!


  1. wow! great work! love the dress! I admire you!

    visit mine too. :)


    1. Aww thanks thats really sweet of you! Of course I will check out your blog too :) xx

  2. oh sweet jesus I remember that! my god I'm surprised you didn't pass out the amount of work you did. so proud xxx

    1. haha, thanks ;) kinda miss college though!! Uni is so much more tiring (even though there seems to be less work - figure that one out!? :o ) xxx