30 January 2013

It's A Growing Lingerie Obsession

   By now, you may or may not have realised my growing obsession with lingerie. I have always been inspired by contour design, but recently I have found my fascination to be with how underwear can shape & empower it's wearer. One of my first projects at uni this year was to create a timeline of classic design pieces, since the 20th century, so naturally I chose to explore the history of underwear (as seen from my work bellow). I think my favourite pieces have to be the 1930's heavily contoured shapewear and the 40's-50's glamorous pin-up style, but what's your favourite?


  1. Great Post! Very Nice

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  2. Thanks :) And I'd be happy to :) x

  3. I am a former lingerie saleswoman and I just love all of the beautiful things they can make for our "foundation wear" - so elegant and sexy!