13 December 2012

Pure London 2012 : Part 2 The Lingerie Show

   So with my second post on the Pure London event this spring, I report front row from the Lingerie & Swimwear show, where vintage pin-up seemed to overrule any other trend. A mixture of feminine pastels, sheer lack lace & the drapery of satins just set the mood for this rather intimate catwalk show. The swimwear was also accesorized with retro-inspired pieces, such as cat-eye sunglasses, 70's heads-carves & ultra-sexy red lipstick. As well as being very current right now, the vintage vibe is perfect to reflect the femininity of lingerie, as well as enhancing the body's natural curves with it's high-waisted pants, bound in corsets and low cut bras. So hope you find this post useful, as theres no sexier or more empowering feeling than knowing you have brand new, matching & flattering underwear on!
A very seductive piece, without actually showing anything much; instead it is all about the tempting sheer fabrics & the enhancement of the curves.
The swimwear section of the catwalk . . .
Think I NEED this strappy swimsuit!!!
And back to the lingerie, with a bit of nightwear mixed in, such as this cute floral slip!
The cropped baby pink wool cardigan over a playful polka dot body suggests a more fun and youthful vibe, with an subtle message of "naughty but nice".
The pearls & volume around the shoulders add a real sense of power to the ensemble.
One of my favourite pieces, a black chiffon night dress, with an added polka-dot detail & slight pleating at the hem.
   However this yellow silk satin night gown was also a strong contender to win my favourite piece on this catwalk show. Mixed with the pearls, nude & black lace underwear, striking red lips & killer heels, this outfit screams siren! So if anyone wishes to impress their man, THIS is the way to do it.
Black lace underwear is a little bit like the little black dress - it is a must have, design classic, that will instantly make anyone feel sexy. However this set had a daring difference . . . Just look at the back!
Told you so! I want a pair.
Love the colour pallets here - girly yet sexy.
So, what have we learnt from this post? I am OBSESSED with underwear!!!


  1. I was in the lingerie retail business for five years and I loved it. I still love love love lingerie! Everything you showed was gorgeous. Thank you for sharing them with us!

    1. Oooh lucky!!!!! What kind of work did you do?x

  2. I love lingerie! You are right, black lingerie is a must-have for any woman! I bought a Mobo for Bench pair in black and I love wearing it. :)


    1. Oooh sounds pretty! I really want to treat myself to some Calvin Kleins, they may not be quite as pretty & girly (I have my Victoria Secrets underwear for that) But because the quality of the fabric & fit is so nice, they feel amazing to wear! x

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