7 January 2012

I Refuse To Grow Up!!!

For my new textiles project, I have had to pick an object from a charity shop that both inspire me & i feel I am connected to. And look what I found. Its a My Little Pony for only 50p!!! As soon as I sore it, I felt like a little girl again & felt all giggly & childish - new I had found the right object. I have already thought how it could be connected to magic & fantasy, as well as unicorns - which reminded me of Lady Gaga's obsession with unicorns & fantasy, and also the more serious type of magic in Harry Potter. It is fair to say I am V excited about this project now - all because of I get a chance to reconnect with my inner child.

So what do YOU first think of when you see the My Little Pony? Would love to hear how it inspires YOU & what YOU first think of.


  1. I think of wierdo's like you! Hahaha Sally I love youuuuuuu! Can't wait to work on this proj :) flo oxxx

  2. Oh you joker ;) love you too Flo-mo xxx

  3. You are so cute in these photos :)I would have done the exact same thing

  4. Aww your expressions are so cute!