5 October 2011

My Torn Dress by Sally Louise Paine (me!)

This is a quick dress I made for one of my Art Foundation projects, based on the word 'Torn' and the letter 'T', using inspiration from different types of tears in fashion - for example 70's punk ripped tops & the more recent trend of raw edges. I have used a method called gold card printing & a press to create the 'T' print at the hem of the contoured cotton dress. I have also used chiffon to create a loose fitting long dress underneath. The hems and edges have all been left raw to reflect the word. I have also used welding and pliers to join & bend a metal 'T' link chain at the back of the dress. So I hope you like my dress & photography, and let me know what you all think . . .


  1. It's awesome! And what a great photo shoot. I was looking online and came across all of these dresses made of paper. They were truly spectacular! It's an art!
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  2. Sally, frames 1 & 2 nail the entire sequence for me. There's a third dimension with the paper tearing. Love the models expression, the angles in her limbs, the shadows.

  3. the cotton dress is really nice and different from other designer.. thanks for the lovely designs!!
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