5 May 2011

My Fashion Photography, opinions please!!!

This is a dress that I made for one of my textiles projects, that I have then gone onto photograph for my photography exam, Explorations & Discoveries. I have looked at a few photographers for inspiration, that all use manipulation and mixed media within their photos. What do you honestly think of my manipulation to my photo? using reflection? please comment constructively :) To see photo larger just click on it!


  1. I'm a photographer and I actually love the work you did.I would've loved to see the simple photo without the reflection too.I also like how you captured the transparency of the dress :)Good job

  2. Thanks, thats really helpful, keep your eyes peeled, i will upload the origional soon :) x

  3. I really like that. Striking contrast.

  4. very cool! but i do wish i could see your shoes! :)
    <3 mode.