27 September 2010

Go to London to look round Origin Craft Fair, but end up shopping in Brick Lane . . .

After looking around the crafts fair today (which tbh i was a little disappointed in the lack of textiles things being exhibited) I found myself wondering into Brick Lane and started shopping vintage! I haven't been vintage shopping in London before, but let me tell you its GREAT! Went to Rokit, and found an adorable 50's style little red hat, then an American Baseball jacket, which I have wanted for AGES (and sore a perfect one from Topshop for £59) which was only £10!!!! Shame it was excessively too big for me. I then wondered upon a little vintage shop near Brick Lane called Hurwundeki. This shop had a ground floor full of accessories & shoes etc, then downstairs was all the vintage treasures! Here's some photos . . .

This was a chiffon blouse, wish I had enough money on me, as it was gorgeous!

Ruth and Emily decided to customise these two skirts, into a baby doll dress.

Wait till you see the back . . .

This is so 1970's
I wish I'd have brought this cropped jacket, after trying it on here. And it was only £22.50, why didn't I?

The menswear section, which actually had some pretty cute jumpers in!

This jumper is great, I love the knitted pattern printed on, to give the illusion of texture.

The hats . . .

I need this flapper dress in my life, such a unique piece, and definitely going to become a bigger trend this A/W.

I love this satchel, cute!

Kitty in a leather tasseled jacket.

. . .

One of the sections in the Attic, full of vintage coats :)

Kitty again, wearing an aviator style jacket.

For me info about the shop go to www.hurwundeki.com/boutique2.htm

or for Rokit go to www.rokit.co.uk


  1. Hey, i just checked your profile on IFB and stopped by your page:)Lovely blog!