2 August 2010

Vintage event at Goodwood!

For just £55 this year, enjoy the first ever anual music festival influenced by vintage fashion from the 40's to 80's, which will include . . .

  • 80 bands
  • 85 DJs
  • 3 stages
  • 6 nightclubs
  • 30,000 pieces of vintage clothing
  • 12 catwalk shows
  • 50 hair and make-up stylists
  • 50 brands
  • 70 art & design workshops
  • 34 movies showing
  • 200 classic cars and bikes
    30 bars and resterants
    19 kids attractions
  • 5 comedians

So for a small price of £55, enjoy all this at the very first Goodwood music festival. For more information go to http://www.vintageatgoodwood.com/

I know i'll be there, will you?


  1. Thanks for the nice comment on Lookville, I wish you the best luck to persue your ambitions. Type soon!


  2. Ohhhh Yesss! Sounds like my kinda thang! Lovin your blog, keep up the good work- lookin forward to following you! Studying fashion too (BA) and just got on the blogging trip (took me long enough!)- check us out!

  3. Anonymous8/8/10 23:04

    which day are you going? - maybe ill bump into you?! im glad i suggested this to you. Have an amazing time there - im certain i will!
    oh and cheers for the bday message :)

    Sammy x

  4. I cant afford to go anymore :( but hopefully i will go next year, r you still going? and if so have fun :) and thats ok :). x